May 18, 2018
11 months and 22 days left
until our reunion.
Welcome to the Henry Wise Wood class of '68 2018 50th Reunion Website
Welcome to the Henry Wise Wood class of '68 2018 50th Reunion Website
Hello everyone,

I hadn't picked up the HWW year books for nearly 50 years, but did so the other day.
Leafing through the pages I was reminded of what a good time it was to be part of that school.  Memories of friendships, football teams, cool teachers and a fun school life came flooding back.  A great group of people attended Wisewood!   Over the past years I'm sure many of our paths have crossed somewhere on the planet, either randomly or purposefully.  It is always a treat when that happens.
The upcoming reunion plans for May, 2018 will be a perfect time to sit down with our former classmates and see where our lives have led us.  This website will be full of great information to share and build on,  Don't be shy...sign up, share those stories and pictures, read about past friends.  Don't hesitate to contact the committee to share whatever information you have on your times at Wisewood.
On behalf of the Henry Wisewood reunion committee I welcome you to re-connect with old friends and acquaintances! It is going to be an awesome time!

Don Cross
HWW student council president, 1967-68

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Reunion Committee:
Don Cross                                      Dan Russell
Graeme Dales                                Don Sandford
Cliff Hendrickson                            Carla (John) Watson
Penny (Morris) Hume                     Jim Watson
Hetty Roessingh

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